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Board Committees

List of Directors and their Role and Function

The members of the board (‘‘Board’’) of directors (‘‘Directors’’) of the Company are set out below.

Executive Directors

Mr. Mock Wai Yin(Chairman of the Board)

Mr. Wong Yun Kuen

Non-executive Director

Chui Kwong Kau

Independent Non-executive Directors

Lam Chi Wai

Lau Mei Ying

Thadani Jyoti Ramesh

Eric Todd

Director / Board Committee Audit Committee Nomination Committee Remuneration Committee
Mock Wai Yin
Wong Yun Kuen
Chui Kwong Kau
Lam Chi Wai Chairman Chairman Chairman
Lau Mei Ying Member Member Member
Thadani Jyoti Ramesh Member Member Member
Eric Todd